Which is your favourite bag :)

About Us

In March 2015 I quit my full time job as an insurance broker that I’d pursued a career as for 9 years to start my own insurance broking company.  Little did I know it was going to lead me to another passion of mine Designer handbags!

When I started my first REAL full time job I was determined to buy myself a coveted designer handbag, that only wives of rich men or very successful business women owned. Little did I know that even as my career developed and pay increased there never seemed to be money for one!

When I finally got my taste for a luxury item (Louis Vuitton of course!) as a gift from my beloved I was so excited! So were all of my girlfriends and strange women!  I couldn’t help but feel guilty when I could see the disappointment in their eyes wishing they had one.

So, basically quitting my full time job enabled me to open my mind and help me figure out how I could share this special privilege with the many many women out there who cannot afford to buy one!  

And I’ll be honest, watching the Sex and the City movie and seeing Carrie’s assistant using an American branded “bag borrow or steal” designer bag rental I thought, why can’t us fashionably aussie chics have this too!

My goal is to have over 100 designer bags available to hire with dresses for all the women in Australia who can’t afford to buy one themselves or just prefer to spend the $$ on holidays and other things!

I carefully select and purchase each and every bag & dress to create a collection that is harmonious and of the high end designer items that are really too much for one person to own and only use 3-4 times a year. 

I also believe in matching the right bag to an outfit, I’ve always spent time and care in choosing the right bag for an outfit and have been known to change a whole outfit last minute because it didn’t compliment the bag!  For me the outfit starts with the bag and works its way from there. 

I believe that every woman deserves to enjoy the luxuries in life and have a beautiful curated wardrobe and hiring is the new black! So go on, enjoy it!