Which is your favourite bag :)

Chanel Classic Blue

It’s been 61 years since the original classic double flap bag was introduced to us and it is even hotter now! Karl Largerfield has reinvented this timeless classic to bring a bit of modern class and bling to an everyday bag that will live forever!

It’s coveted, one does not simply walk into Chanel and buy one of these bags! (if you are lucky they will have one or two instore!) most people wait months and months and search all around the world to buy one of these, oh to mention if you have the money at hand (a cool $7,100 and up) to even buy one!

Socialites, royals and actresses all have had a Chanel, why? Because it’s the most exclusive, sort after and in demand bag no matter what your style or age. It’s what younger women turn to when they want everyone to know they have stepped up into the sophisticated and stylish lady they have dreamed of since being a girl.

This bag holds a hefty price tag, which means you aren’t going to see one of these hanging from every girls shoulder when you are out brunching with your friends, dinner with your Boyfriend, holidaying, at a wedding or anywhere for that matter!

So we know not everyone can afford one of these. That’s life, but every woman out there has the right to experience a little luxury in their life even if it’s for one month, so that’s why we have purchased this beautiful lambskin leather, made in France Classic Double Flap bag for you all to share and enjoy your selfies with!

It doesn’t really matter what you wear with this bag because all people are going to see when it is draped over your shoulder is a woman that has impeccable taste, a timeless look and is unstoppable! So if you see her coming, move out of her way!